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Allweiler GmbH‚ is Germany’s oldest marine pump manufacturer and serves many different industries around the world. With more than 160 years of experience‚ coupled with German quality standards, Allweiler manufacture pumps for all marine and industrial purposes. Allweiler’s accredited quality-assurance system ensures the long-term reliability and efficiency of every pump they manufacture. We provide top-quality spare parts for Allweiler pumps and their genuine and OEM spare parts at the best possible price. Commerce Harbor FZE as a trader and supplier – specializes in supporting the Ship-owner and Ship management companies in United Arab Emirates, India, South Africa, Oman, Srilanka, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrain, and Russia.

We can support below models for Allweiler Pumps spare parts at competitive prices depending upon the availability.We deliver you Genuine and OEM spare parts for Allweiler ship Pumps from many international suppliers cost effectively and on-schedule.

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AFI 10AFI-T20AFT 40BAS 150
CTWH25-160CTWH40-315L25LV 65
MA250-315MA65-250MELO 200MELO 400
MI150-250NAM 300-315NB125-250NB32-125
NI25-200NI65-200NIM50-250NISM 32-160
NISM 65-400NT200-400NT20-160,NT65-400
SFH 446SLS 120SMH 80SNF 220
SNF40SNH 440SNS 940SOB 101
SOH 222SON 332SPF 40SPF-10
SPZ 20SRN 553SRZ 115SRZS 332
TRD 20TRE 40TRF 1300TRLE 70

In case you didn’t find your required model above, drop us an E-mail & we will get back to you with our response ASAP


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