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Various kinds of heat exchangers are utilized onboard a ship. The kind of heat exchanger utilized for a specific use relies upon the application and prerequisite. Practically all the systems onboard ship relies upon heat exchanger where the liquid is either cooled or heated. The kinds of exchangers are predominantly are: 1) Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger: This is the most well-known sort structure with a shell going with a few cylinders and the progression of liquid to be cooled is fundamentally through cylinders, though the secondary liquid flows over the cylinder inside the shell. 2) Plate Type Heat Exchanger: Plate type exchanger comprises of thin corrugated plates combined equal, making a pit for liquid stream inside it. Interchange sides of the plate convey two unique liquids, between which, heat exchange is done. Each system on the ship is interlinked somehow or another, thus the disappointment of one activity can bring about a vessel grinding to a halt. There are numerous employments of heat exchangers in a ship which assume an imperative function for the systems to work proficiently, for example, Propulsion plant, the auxiliary power generation system, Starting air system, Fuel injection system, Refrigeration system, Condensing system, Freshwater system, Steam turbine unit.

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